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I should have kissed you longer.
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I love the person I’ve become, because I fought to become her.
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my heart cracked, really loved you bad 
gun shot, i’ll never get you back, never get you back

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make me choose: willicia or willicia asked by -> agentpond
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Homeland meme → 4 relationships [4/4]
"He meets this young person, this person he feels is an extraordinary human being—that she’s incredibly gifted, unbelievably smart and has a heightened sensitivity to human nature. He finds her and pours his heart and soul and education—everything he’s learned—into her and she drinks it up like a sponge. She’s faster than he can ever imagine…. She is his dybbuk, she’s his mythical soldier, but she’s also human and she’s frail and he is aware of that. He is aware of her ego, her nature, her stubbornness, her rebel.” —Mandy Patinkin

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I love you Lucas, and I probably always will.

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She’s so done with paps following her everywhere.

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juleshough:  I don’t think @ninadobrev was expecting to get some action when she decided to come over … She wasn’t really complaining though! ;) love you babe have fun shooting! Xoxo (x)